And even the second PERTH'S GOALKEEPER BATTLE is done and dusted. 

Thanks to everyone that took part in it as it was incredible seeing 86 GKs from 32 clubs in WA competing against each other.

Thanks to everyone that helped during the preparation phase as it required 22 goals to be moved, 10 referees, a lot of volunteers throughout the day and saw over 400 games completed in less than 8 hours.  

As we said before, GKs are the only ones that can play a tournament on their own and we are proud to be the ones organizing the only GKs event in WA .

We went through some seriously nice matches which will be updated soon.

In the meantime you can look at few photos of the event including some of the winners which are featuring NPL best GK for the 2018 & 2019 seasons Jason Saldaris and University of Hartford (USA Div1) Jamie Campbell.  

Next battle will be held in October 2020 (exact date TBC).  If you want to state up to date please like our FB page.


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STEWART - 0452 619 607 


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Goalkeepers are the only ones that can play a tournament on their own and by competing in this BATTLE, you can prove if you are the best in the business, as both kicking, throwing and goalkeeping techniques will be required to succeed...

Together with our partner SDL, we are tired of hearing that GK's need to rely on other players to win tournaments...


That is why we have decided to organise a GOALKEEPERS ONLY event...

5 Battle fields were created which saw competing over 40 GKs with ages ranging between 9 and 45yrs old. 

All of them with a big smile on their faces as they were enjoying what they love the most, and surrounded by other number ones that supported and understood each others.

The level of the finals was awesome but each single game had highlights that we tried to catch on photo and videos.

Check some of them out in the gallery below and don't forget to like our FB page to stay up to date for the

next one  

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