For all the


Players' Code of Conduct


I hereby pledge to be positive about this BATTLE experience and accept responsibility for my participation by following the Players' Code of Conduct

  • Play by the rules of the game

  • Be a good sport (win or lose).

  • Be honest, fair, and always show good sportsmanship to the other players, officials, parents, and fans

  • Control your temper – verbal abuse of any kind will not be tolerated (please read rules of the game)

  • Show courtesy and respect to everyone around you. Everyone is around to enjoy the GK BATTLE.

  • Play for your own enjoyment and to improve your skills.

  • I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct and in rude behavior.

  • I will treat everyone, including parents, players, and officials with respect, regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, or gender.

Parents’ Code of Conduct


  • Remember that you are there for the participants to enjoy the game

  • Remember that enjoyment is more important than winning.

  • Never ridicule mistakes or losses – supporters are there to support and not downgrade.

  • Lead by examples

  • Lead by example and respect all players, officials and spectators – physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

  • Recognize all volunteers who are giving up their valuable time.

  • Never publicly criticize officials – they are volunteering

  • Don’t use ugly remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability – you’ll let down your family and yourself, if you do – & many such comments are actually now illegal.

By registering you or your child with the GOALKEEPER BATTLE - PERTH 2021 - (4th Edition) you agree to abide by these principles.